House – type C

House size 97,5 m2

Size / Land
97,6 m2 / 496 m2
 - SOLD More
Position House size Land size PriceAvailability
5C 97,6 m2 496 m2  - SOLD

All houses in Grünerka residential area are built in the energy standard of a passive house.

Houses are delivered at the completion stage of a “closed construction” or a “turnkey” version, where the selection of floors, sanitary and doors is finalized in cooperation with the client.

The price of the house includes the complete infrastructure – road, sidewalks, public lighting, water, sewerage, distribution of optics and electricity.

Floor plans

Download as pdf file

GRUNERKA – House C – blank floor plan

Imagine and design your own interior layout, download and print the empty floor plan of the house.

GRUNERKA – House C – Floor plan

Project proposal for the distribution of rooms and house equipment.

House type C

Houses type C